Vol VII, Issue 1

Fall 2011

Fall 2011


Matthew Vega, Brian Rowe, Lauren Ramer, Katherine Yates, Edward Jesse Capobianco, Torunn Sweers, Aaron Brown, Meredith Moench, C.J. Guth, April Burbank, Ian Yue

Letter From the Editor:

You have in your hands the thirteenth issue of The Pub, Wheaton's unofficial undergraduate journal. For seven years our staff has committed themselves to promoting faith-informed dialogue about culturally relevant issues through the publication of student voices. We have overcome many obstacles, financial and otherwise, and it was only through the dedication, hard work, and self-sacrifice from our staff, past and present, that we are still here today. Throughout our history as a publication we have strived to continually im­prove ourselves in order to provide an outlet on campus for student opinions.

It was only two years ago that we were beg­ging outside of Saga for funds that we needed to publish. We are not yet entirely self-supported, but we hope to attain that goal in the near future in order to devote our resources toward improv­ing the quality of our publication so that we might better live out our vision with the college com­munity. While we are extremely grateful for all the support we have received from the student body and other like-minded organizations, we continu­ally strive to remain committed to the ideals on which we were founded and our direct relation­ship with the student body lest we let funding be­come our primary concern.

Our primary concern is dialogue. From the ground up we are organized around the con­cept of engaging in dialogue with the campus community. From recruiting submissions, to the internal discussions on staff, to the relationship between our writers and editors, to our commu­nal presentation of the finished issue we aim to foster respectful and engaged conversations. It is because of this that our publication is not meant to be disseminated in isolation.

Every piece in this issue is the product of weeks of collaboration between student authors and editors in order to present to the Wheaton college community topics not only worth read­ing about but topics worth sharing and discussing with others. In the end we rely on you, the read­ers, as we would not be able to complete our vi­sion without you. Below is our vision statement: read it, critique it, share your opinions, and join us as we continue to empower writers to challenge us within the context of our shared faith.

*The Pub seeks to bring members if our campus community into discussion if issues that effect the intersection if our intellectual and Christian lives. There are outlets on campus for artistic expression, but, strangely, there is no outlet for the academic or analytical. Classes certainly provide some sort if means for this, but there is no real W'!)I to engage such things outside the classroom. The result can be a community if superb analytical thinkers who are unable to S'!)I anything meaningful to the people around them.

The Pub provides a venue for assessing the ideas and beliefs we gain in the classroom against those if our entire community, not just those if a prefessor or a circle if faends. As Christian intellectuals, we are called to think in light if an entire community if believers, and The Pub seeks to be part if that holistic intellectual and spiritual dialogue. *

Joel Coakley